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Course Outline

Web Fundamentals 101 course provides all the foundational learning to become a better web-enabled employee. Whether you are a founder, executive, or salary employee, a good foundational understanding of the Web and its components will make you a better, more confident, and more efficient professional.

Course Components (4-12 hours)

The Internet

Learn about DNS, servers and requests, browsers, how are web pages loaded and rendered.

Web Assets

Learn all about the two main web asset types: images and videos. Things like color space (RGB vs CMYK), file types (like PNG, JPG, MOV, MP4), aspect ratio, resolution, editing, scaling, resizing and sharpening.

Basic Web Languages

Learn a basic understanding about HTML, CSS and Javascript. After this course, you should be able to read and write some basic HTML and CSS, identify web browser errors, and explore network requests in a web browser.

How To Report Errors To Your Co-Workers

Learn how to identify and report errors to your teammates more efficiently. Instead of saying “XYZ is broken...” we will learn how to report an error with greater clarity and helpful supplemental details.

Intro To Google Analytics

Learn a basic understanding of Google Analytics (GA), some of it’s advanced concepts, and learn about interesting questions you can answer using GA.

What is SEO?

Learn a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), its proper definiton and most effective concepts.

Intro To Google Search Console

Learn a basic understanding of Google Search Console, its purpose and important concepts.

Intro To Page Speed

Learn how to think about page speed, and which tools to use to get your baseline performance in relation to other sites on the web.