PageSpeed Insights monitoring for Shopify themes.

PageSpeed Monitor - Image SEO For Shopify
21-day free trial. Plans starting at $1 / month.

Customer Testimonials

  • "This app helped identify large javascript files being downloaded, we were able to move a lot of javascript to other pages and remove from the homepage"

  • "This PageSpeed Monitor App so much easier to use as compare to using Google PageSpeed Insights. Really loving to use it."

  • "Great app. Easy to install. Google PageSpeed Insights is a real hassle to use, so this is nice to have."

  • "Great App! Especially when the page speed is more important than ever! And the customer service is really nice. Had a small problem and William fixed it right away."

  • "Our pages were slower than we thought. Lots of work to do! But it's nice to be able to see the impact of our decisions across all the google page speed metrics."

  • "Works great. Really simple and easy to understand and allows us to track some of our optimization progress. Our pages were slower than we thought!"

PageSpeed Monitor charts your Shopify theme's Google PageSpeed Insights data over time. PageSpeed Monitor is the perfect app for developers and marketers that want to get serious about page load performance improvements for Shopify themes.

21-day free trial. Plans starting at $1 / month.
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