I am a software and product designer focused on 1) building high-performance software and products that work, 2) web performance optimization, and 3) rethinking people and process systems using Lean principles.

I spend a lot of time working within the Shopify development ecosystem. I offer five apps in the Shopify app store — all of which I personally developed and continue to maintain since 2017. To learn more about how I think, please review my writings on Medium and my Lean product development book. If you are a software-enabled employee or executive, I encourage you to take my Web Fundamentals class (use code belkhome30 for 30% off).

If you need help with a complex Shopify project, web performance optimization, SEO strategy and improvement for Google Search, or Lean process improvement, contact me.


  • Rapid Reviews

    The best product reviews app for Shopify themes.

    Rapid Reviews is the fastest product reviews and questions app for Shopify stores. It is a full featured app that adds deep search to your product reviews and questions. It helps with SEO, conversion, and page performance. Rapid Reviews sends 5-30X less data to the browser than apps like Shopify Product Reviews, Yotpo, Okendo, Stamped, and Judge.me.

  • Rocket Fueled Process by William Belk

    Free E-Book: Advanced Lean product development concepts.

    Rocket Fueled Process is a book that explores the realities of software product develepment from a Lean perspective. Stop wasting time; stop learning loss; and start reducing risk.

  • Image Sitemap

    The only app for image indexing on Shopify.

    Image Sitemap submits all of your Shopify images to Google and monitors your image indexing performance over time. Image Sitemap automatically builds, submits, verifies, monitors and updates a fully compliant .xml Google Image Sitemap for every product, collection, blog and page image in your Shopify theme.

  • Search X

    Lightning fast search query performance for Shopify themes.

    Search X is a response to the many search and filtering apps available for Shopify that I consider to be bloated, slow, inefficient, and difficult to customize. The three core focuses of Search X are 1) lightning fast search query speed performance, 2) the smallest possible page payload size, with just 18K of data sent to the browser with no external library dependencies, and 3) easy and advanced customization, with things like quick shop, color swatches, and tag groups.

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