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Rapid Reviews is the world's fastest product reviews app for Shopify.

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Customer Testimonials

  • "I don't write app reviews normally but!... today is different. William is that one in a million developer you wish for to work with that actually cares about YOUR store and not so much HIS pocket."

  • "We migrated from Judge.Me to Rapid Reviews. This app is faster, provides a better value, and offers more features. William provided amazing app support and event spent over an hour on a 1x1 screenshare to make sure everything was working & up to our standards."

  • "Great support, the switch was easy. We were able to import all our YotPo reviews and not only save $400/mo, but our website is 18 points faster on pagespeed insights using Rapid Reviews as opposed to YotPo, which is huge for us."

  • "Excellent review application and incredible support. We were drawn to this product because of the multiple advanced features that it offers: (1) speed optimized rich content; (2) rich search schema for products; (3) star ratings for Google shopping ads."

  • "Not only does it have more functionality for a fraction of the cost, but the overall loading speed of our site has improved and William personally helped us set it up!"

  • "Fastest tech support on the planet - William puts "Customer" in customer service. Love the app, fast and a easy to use back end."

  • "I was not satisfied with the review apps I was using so I spent some time researching and reading information about the app and decided to go for it. I'm very happy with it, and more importantly, with the support I received from William."

  • "This app is awesome, way better the the previous app I was using. And William was extremely helpful with getting it set up."

  • "Amazing review app! Super fast and lightweight with full functionality as compared to Loox,, etc. My theme was also giving me trouble and William implemented a fix for me within an hour of submitting my support request (on Thanksgiving day, no less)."

  • "This app does everything I need! I'm getting all the premium features from apps like at a fraction of the price. Google product ratings, video reviews, and questions and answers - all included for $6 month?! You can't beat that."

  • "Just switched over from Stamped. Rapid Reviews offers more features for a more reasonable monthly fee. Like getting google seller ratings was a big win. In addition, it made my site faster. Thank you William for all your support."

Rapid Reviews - Product reviews for Shopify

Rapid Reviews is the ultra lightweight, full-featured Shopify product reviews app with questions, deep search, translations, and more.

Rapid Reviews is the ultra fast solution, sending only 12K to the browser — that's 5-30X less than the competition. On page load, Rapid Reviews makes just a single request — showing your star rating instantly. Compare this to your current product reviews app and the results may be shocking!

Build more trust with visitors via faster star rendering and deep search in your reviews and questions. Maximize your conversion % with the best product reviews app experience for Shopify.

Save money and take your reviews experience to highest level.

21-day free trial. Plans starting at $1 / month.

Important Features

Kilobytes Of Data Sent To Browser On Page Load
Rapid Reviews Logo
11 K - just 1 request!
Shopify Product Reviews
50 K
Okendo, Junip
120 K, Stamped
160 K
Yotpo, Ali Reviews
310-450 K

*A well-optimized e-commerce page should be under 2.5 MB (2,500 K).

Rapid Reviews Shopify App Admin - Product Reviews & Questions

Shopify Product Reviews & Questions

Compare The Competition

Rapid Reviews offers all features regardless of your monthly pricing. You will never need to upgrade to access the features you need. We are honored to support growing businesses!

Rapid Reviews Logo Shopify Product Reviews Yotpo Okendo Ali Reviews Stamped Junip
Data Sent On Load 11 K 50 K 450 K 120 K 360 K 160 K 160 K 120 K
Requests On Load 1 4 20-30 10-15 15-25 10-15 15-20 10-15
Time To Stars Render (approx.) 0.4 s 0.9 s 2.2 s 1.1 s 2.3 s 1.3 s 1.3 s 1.5 s
Time To All Assets Loaded 0.4 s 0.9 s 3.5 s 1.9 s 2.8 s 2.1 s 2.5 s 2.1 s
External Library Dependencies None jQuery jQuery, Custom Font Custom Font jQuery, Custom Font jQuery jQuery None
Chat GPT AI Yes No No No No No No No
Shopify 2.0 App Blocks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reviews & Replies Yes Yes Yes Yes With Upgrade ($19 min.) Yes Yes Yes
Questions & Answers Yes No With Upgrade ($300 min.) With Upgrade ($99 min.) No With Upgrade ($119 min.) With Upgrade ($15 min.) With Upgrade ($74 min.)
Deep Search & Filtering Yes No With Upgrade No No No No No
Photo & Video Reviews Yes No Yes Yes Partial Yes With Upgrade ($15 min.) Yes
Email/SMS Review Requests Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Translations Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Basic Stats

The total javascript and css payload for our core library is only 12K. There are no external library dependencies like jQuery, Vue or Instant Search. We use only raw javascript.

Rapid Reviews is optimized for shops with up to 10,000+ reviews.

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