Lightning fast search query performance for Shopify.

Search X is the fastest and most efficient predictive search, autocomplete, and filtering app for Shopify themes.

Search X for Shopify
21-day free trial. Plans starting at $8 / month.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Great app. William has been very helpful with configuration and customization. Search performance is fast! We didn't want the huge javascript overhead of some of the other apps. This app matched our performance requirements perfectly."

  • "Unbelievable great and immediate support from William. The app itself is a nice add on for our collection page. We still need to figure out some, topics, but the support so far is fantastic."

  • "We're really happy with the performance of this app so far, it dramatically improved our collection pages — our time on page improved by 70% with a similar number of page views — and full search in each collection. The developer supported us every step of the way with customizations and implementation."

  • "From the moment I saw this app I knew it would be the perfect fit in representing my business with its high quality functioning. The layout is simply well grounded with its organisational features which makes it very easy to navigate when searching for products etc.. Search X is the epitome of modern innovation at its finest."

  • "Muy buena aplicación no le falta nada, tiene todo lo que necesita una aplicación de búsqueda, muy recomendable y además el soporte es muy bueno, tiene una atención rápida y eficaz 100% recomendable!"

Search X is a response to the many search and filtering apps available for Shopify that I consider to be bloated, slow, inefficient, and difficult to customize. The three core focuses of Search X are 1) lightning fast search query speed performance, 2) the smallest possible page payload size, with just 18K of data sent to the browser with no external library dependencies, and 3) easy and advanced customization, with things like quick shop, color swatches, and tag groups.

21-day free trial. Plans starting at $8 / month.

Important Features

A Galaxy Above The Competition

Search X Searchanise Algolia Boost Fast Simon Sparq Findify
Live Search Results Yes No Yes No No No No
Product Search & Filtering Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intra-Collection Search & Filtering Yes No Yes No No No No
Collections Search Yes Autocomplete Only No No No No No
Article Search & Filtering Yes No No No No No No
Intra-Blog Article Search & Filtering Yes No No No No No No
Page Search Yes No No No No No No
Quick Shop Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
Tag Groups Yes No No Yes No No No
Color Swatches Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
SEO Benefits Yes No No No No No No
Reviews Support Yes No Yes No No No No
Google Star Ratings Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Google Analytics Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Field Boosting Yes No Yes No No No No
Requests On Page Load 3 8 19 15 12 6 19
Core Javascript Size 18K 190K 260K 270K 310K 240K 330K
External Library Dependencies None JQuery jQuery, lodash, hogan, instant search jQuery jQuery jQuery, Vue Polyfill

Basic Stats

The total javascript and css payload for our core library is only 12K. There are no external library dependencies like jQuery, Vue or Instant Search. We use only raw javascript.

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