William Belk

William Belk

Software and product designer/developer with 20 years in software and design-related industries.

I am a software and product designer focused on:

  1. building high-performance software and products that work
  2. web performance optimization
  3. rethinking people and process systems using Lean principles

I have worked with every size of organization, funding level and project size — from giants like Intel, AT&T and New Corporation, to startups who have raised $100M+, niche e-commerce businesses, IOT, crypto, machine learning, and big data projects.

Get technical. Get faster. Get lean. Get efficient.

I still write code every day. I think it's important to keep challenging myself to keep up with the constantly changing world of online software. The world does not need another middle manager or 'expert' strategist; the world needs more doers — more people who can touch and improve the systems they use every day. Technical proficiency is one of the most important factors that influence efficiency of output, and efficiency in communication.

Shopify Apps

I spend a lot of time working within the Shopify development ecosystem. I offer five apps in the Shopify app store — all of which I personally developed and continue to maintain since 2017.

My five apps are:

  1. Rapid Reviews — the fastest product reviews app for Shopify; with questions, media, and deep search
  2. Image Sitemap — automated image sitemap submission to Google Search, and monitoring of indexing perforamnce over time
  3. Search X — the fastest query performance available for Shopify; with full collection filtering and custom search facets
  4. PageSpeed Monitor — automated testing/monitoring with Google PageSpeed Insights
  5. API Helper — ultralight ajax newsletter subscriptions for Klaviyo, MailChimp, OmniSend and Shopify

If you need help with a complex Shopify project, web performance optimization, SEO strategy and improvement for Google Search, or Lean process improvement, contact me.

Web Performance

Web page performance and speed optimization is a primary focus for me. I built Page Doctor, a free page speed and SEO analysis tool. If you need help with your next optimization project, contact me.

Lean Process Improvement

I have dedicated much of my career to perfecting Lean and Agile process techniques. To learn more about how I think, please review my writings on Medium and my Lean product development book.